Dear Colleagues,

So there I was in India desperate to take an Internal Medicine branch in Germany but didn’t know `how’ ! As an aspiring doctor I always wanted to do my post graduation in Internal Medicine. I tried for the same in India for two years. As the system is very much different in India from Germany I would always end up either an interview for Pathology or Pharmacology and I wanted neither of them.
I didn’t want to end up as a General physician. Now the question was how do I get into Internal Medicine. So I surfed on internet many websites to find about a possibility to do post graduation outside India. As I was surfing on the Internet I bumped into Pieter’s website:

That was really a big turning point for me. He gave a lot of information about the system (for Medical Professionals) in Germany. I started preparing in India as per his guidance. He guided me all the way from German language courses to securing a Visa until I found a job. He even prepared me for the interviews.

Of course as an individual you have to do a lot of hard work, but it’s always nice when there is someone to guide you. And Pieter is my Guide.

Pieter Verweij is a God sent man for me. Indeed he knows his work very well. Without his guidance it would not have been possible for me to make it in Germany. As he always says ‘Be calm and have patience’.

Be sure to be calm and have patience. Rest is hard work and luck.

I recommend his guidance for others as well.

Thank you Pieter once again.

Dr. Debasish Mondal
from District Surat from State Gujarat India now in Niedersachsen, Germany.

Dear Colleagues,

it is my pleasure to introduce to you the company Europework and its director Mr. Pieter Verweij with a great gratitude from my side. It may seem curious, but I call him Mr. Pieter, as it sounds very understandable and close to a Russian person. There is something in the character of this Dutch businessmen, in his manner to run a business, which is direct, fair, justified, close to a Russian idea of fair business practices. Evidently due to this, our cooperation with him and his company has ever been fruitful, without any hidden pitfalls and stumbling blocks.

Much to my regret, I found the information about his company already being in Germany. The first steps had already been made, that means I received the permission to practise a medical profession in Germany, found the job, arrived to Germany. All of a sudden the things happened, which I couldn’t foresee and for which I could be ready neither morally nor financially. The clinic, where I was going to work, found a more suitable colleague from the EU, who had an unlimited licence to practise a medical profession, consequently caused less care and the clinic had to bear less responsibility, than in case with a non-EU colleague.

I was keeping writing my job applications, however without success. All of a sudden, however banal it may sound, I received a gift from destiny. The company Europework answered to my application. Pieter called me, listened to me and advised me to learn German. He told me: “You are anesthesiologist, therefore you have to be ready to react quickly. While you are learning German, I will be looking for a job you are dreaming about”.

At that moment I didn’t believe, that it would be possible. My only intention was to find any job at all. But Mr. Pieter was unbreakable. I was learning German for four months, Peter called from time to time and supported me both mentally and spiritually, he didn’t understand, why I couldn’t believe that he would fulfil his promise. He kept saying: “I will do everything I promise and I promise only the things I can do”.

On the completion of my language course I was invited to three interviews, and one of them was in the clinic of my dream. I received the job and permission for a job for 3 weeks directly after the interview. My dream was although, to proceed with working in the area of cardiology. It seemed to me, that making a new start in a foreign country is not possible, when you are 50 y.o. But when there is somebody nearby, who is also believing in your dream, supporting you and helping you, a dream comes true.

Mr. Pieter says: „The company Europework builds bridges between countries, whereas I would like to add, that it also helps to step on this bridge and cross it”. A high competence level of our team let young people and specialists with experience realise themselves professionally, find their place in this big world, open for possibilities.

I would like once again to express my gratitude to Mr. Pieter for his help and support in a difficult moment, or to be more exact, at a crucial point of my life. You were staying close, were patient and considerate.

Thank you very much indeed!

Dr. Tatyana Sinegovskaya
from Omsk, Russia now in NRW – Germany

Dear addressees of this letter,

I would like to introduce to you Mr. Pieter Verweij. I was looking for reasonable ways to be able to start working in Germany. One friend of mine gave me the contact data of Mr. Verweij. The range of services, proposed by Mr. Verweij, included not only rendering support for finding an employer, but also the following: providing a list of required documents, assistance at comprising letters and execution of documents in German, providing contact data of translators/ interpreters and all required persons. Everyone, who has already been looking for various ways and has made mistakes in regard of the execution of documents, is aware, that it is a great help and support. Just imagine, how pleasantly surprised I was, when he helped me financially at buying an air ticket and making an advance payment for it and all official translations.

One month later after beginning of our mutual work Mr. Verweij found a clinic for me and settled an appointment. When the day of my flight came, I was pleased to find out, that Mr. Verweij’s services go beyond the mentioned above scope. Mr. Verweij met me at the airport and took me to my city. During the whole period of my practice and official appointments he accompanied me, informed me and constantly gave his advice on different matters. Due to this teamwork I managed to find the very job I was looking for. But most importantly is that I found a friend in the person of Mr. Verweij, who is always open to talk to and who is ready to listen to you and give his valuable advice.

In conclusion I would like to tell, that the agency Europework represented by Mr. Verweij is very reliable, effective and competent. I recommend it to everyone, who is interested to find a job as a doctor in Germany, to turn for its services without any hesitation.

Dr. Mane Jilavyan
from Armenia now in Rheinland Pfalz – Germany

Dear colleagues,

I would like to write about my private cooperation experience with the agency “Europework” and personally with Mr. P.G.Verweij.
My name is Vagan Chartaryan. I was head of the department of Anaesthesia and Reanimation at the University Hospital in Armenia.
Owing to the agency “Europework” and Mr. P.G.Verweij’s efforts I am already in the Lower Saxony making preparations for my work as an doctor on favourable working conditions.

I found out about Mr. P.G.Verweij from a friend of mine, who had been working for more that one year in Germany, and I am contented with the conditions of my work. Let me note, that many friends of mine are successful thanks to the cooperation with the agency “Europework”.

Over the whole period of our cooperation Mr. P.G. Verweij supported me at the organisation – by instructing me on the particular consequential activities, providing me with valuable information and advice, taking a lively interest in my progress, negotiating all details with both parties, he met me on my arrival to Germany and accompanied me to my destinations. It is astonishing, that Mr. P.G. Verweij possesses the required information not only in Germany, but also in Armenia and he is able to find optimal solutions everywhere.

Mr. P.G. Verweij has also organized German Language Courses both in Germany and in Armenia. The secretariat of the agency was carrying out training for interviewing, which was a great help in actual practice. Several interviews in different clinics were organised with his help, whereas I chose the one, where I am going to work.

Mr. P.G. Verweij’s professionalism allows me to recommend him for a prosperous cooperation.

In the person of Mr. P.G. Verweij you will win a very good friend, who will help you during the whole period of your cooperation. 

I wish all of you good luck!

Dr. med. Tshartaryan Vahan
from Armenia now in Niedersachsen

Dear colleagues,

My name is Dr. Vinod Kumar Malik. I come from Haryana in India and I have done my Medical University in Romania. I was highly interested to do my postgraduate studiess in Germany because Germany is famous for structure and high-quality. So I decided to go to Germany and did overhere my German language courses until the C1 level. I started to try to find a postion by myself and I wrote a lot of Letters to a lot of hospitals and I had even one Interview but this was also without any result and I was close to give up after all my struggle to find a postion in Germany. Then I found on the Internet “Europework”and I met in Person the Director,this nice gentleman Mr. Pieter, who gave me hope and adviced me. His secretary practise with me several times “how to do Interviews” in Germany and they made a complete makeover off my CV and we finally found a job where I feel like home! I truely thank Mr. Pieter (Europework) for whatever they did for me and I truely appreciate it.

I recommend everyone to go through Europework to FIND your dream job!

Dr. Vinod Kumar Malik
from Hatyana, India now in Saarland, Germany

Dear colleagues,

My name is Niroovanee Runghen and currently I am a Junior Doctor in Germany at the Fachkliniken N. in Psychiatry.
I come from Mauritius and I studied Medicine in Romania.

In my way to the current position I encountered several difficulties due to my Non-European origin.

Without Europework today I would not be practicing Medicine in Germany. Starting from looking for an interview for me and making arrangements for someone to pick me for the interview was all arranged by Mr.Pieter. My case in order to get my license to practice medicine was not an easy one and after 3 months of struggling I got my “approbation”.

During the 3 months waiting for my approbation Mr.Pieter arranged for practicum at the Hospital where I got a job. I did not have to worry about pocket money or where I was going to stay as Mr.Pieter already make arrangements with the Hospital.

I had a nice experience with Europework and I would recommend anyone for Europework.

Dr. Niroovanee Runghen
from Mauritius now In Schleswig-Holstein, Germany

Dear colleagues,

It is my utmost pleasure to address to you and relate my experience with Europework. It is actually the second time in 2 years that Europework helped me to get a good job in Germany. The moment I contacted Europework to look a new job for me, the process kicked off right away. Europework progressed at such a blatant speed that I got a call in less than 24 hours for an internship in a hospital. The interesting part is that the hospital matched my choice.

It is very important that you get a job of your choice, and Europework did it for me. On top of that, anytime during my time in Germany, Europework is always available to help you in various situations/problems. I just gave a phone call when I had some problems regarding my apartment and Europework was at my service and resolved the matter in a nick of time.

During the search period, Mr. Pieter Verweij, Director of Europework, kept contact daily to explain & give further information about the job, the hospital and its location.

Together with the job, Europework arranged for a place for me to stay during my internship which is very convenient financially; whilst Europework is in permanent contact with the hospital authorities during this period for a job contract to be offered.

In less than 1 month, I have a new job of my choice, in a good hospital and in a nice town. As far as my experience is concerned I can conclude that Europework is quick, efficient and reliable. Not once, not twice… but always.

Dr. Laura Nadis-Moothoor
from Rumania now in Nordrhein-Westfalen, Germany

Dear Colleagues,

I am Dr. Mohammed Bo Essa, citizen from the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia what I want to write about my experience with EUROPEWORK AGENCY.

In simple word I can say EUROPEWORK AGENCY is not just an office to find job for the doctors, it is more. He arranged not only a suitable hospital but through this office I meet some of the best friends her in Germany specially the owner of the office (Pieter), he is really, really such a good person.

I will start to say, when I came here in Germany I meet with one friend from Italy on the Goethe Institute and he advise me to send my documents also to Europework agency too. and that is what happen .First I send my CV following his advice and then I talk with Pieter (on Skype) and I told him about myself and my expectations from medical training in Germany. And this is what happens, within 3 weeks he find me 3 hospital in different cities in Germany and he let me chose which one I want and he help me to take the good decision.

And his job is not end by find the hospital; he will support you against the hospital until you get a good offer. (For instance free housing the first 6 Months and paying traveling expenses)

This is my experience with this office and I am advice the other to go to this office for some reasons:

  1. The owner is so simple and gentleman at the same time.
  2. He has a lot of relations with big hospitals in Germany, so it is easy for him to find job for the doctors in short time.
  3. He will support you from the day which you send him your documents and CV until you joined your job
  4. And believe me the friendship with this man will not end as you get your job, he will continue and guide you.

At the end just I want to say for Pieter (thank you so much for everything)

And if anybody likes to know a lot about my experience with this office, he can contact with Pieter and ask him for my contact information and I am ready to answer any question to anybody.

Dr. Mohammed Bo Essa
from Kingdom of Saudi Arabia now in Berlin

Having found information regarding residency programs for doctors in Germany, I started learning German during my last year of general medicine studies. In the meantime, I was looking for agencies that help junior doctors there.

In Romania, where I studied general medicine (at the University of Oradea), there are many such agencies. Somehow, I got the contacts of Europework (based in Holland) and I contacted with Mr. Pieter. After having evaluated my German language competency level on Skype®, he agreed to start sending my CV to hospitals throughout Germany. After a few weeks, I got the much-awaited Skype® call from Mr. Pieter who informed me that I had got an invitation from a big hospital from the northern part of the country.

The following week, I found myself at Weeze Airport in Germany where Mr. Pieter came to pick me up. He took me, along with two more colleagues of mine who had got interviews too, to the north of Germany, to the town where I had my interview. We got a nice hotel for our stay. In the evening, he took all of us to a nice Italian restaurant where we all talked to one another as if we were friends since ages.

The following day was THE day. I had my interview at 15.00. Mr. Pieter came to meet us at the hotel at around 12. I was really stressed because it was the very first interview I was going to have in my whole life. I told Mr. Pieter how important it was for me to get the place for the residency. I was really amazed by the way he responded and the support he gave me at that moment. He gave me invaluable advice about how to tackle the interview, how to reply and he also told me about which elements in the interviewee the doctors would look for. We finally went there and the interview occurred as scheduled. I took into consideration everything that Mr. Pieter had told me before the interview and the latter went smoothly.

After I was accepted (even my colleague got accepted on the same day), Mr. Pieter talked to the Chef Doctor and arranged successfully with him so that the hospital financed an intensive German language program for us (because we needed to work on the language more) before we started our residency, and he even arranged so that we did the next day a “Hospitation” (as they call it in Germany), which is a sort of introduction to the staff members and the system at the hospital etc. While we were doing that the next day, Mr. Pieter took my other colleague to another town because she had her interview the next day. She got the job too. After that, he took us all to a language school in the same town where I got my job and he arranged with the director there about our courses.

Well, I spent 5 days in Germany – a country which I had never visited before in my life and where I did not know anyone. I should mention that the way Mr. Pieter welcomed us and the way he took care of everything (from paperwork till finding food for us!) during our stay, was really phenomenal. I should mention that he also made sure that the hospital returned me all the money I spent during my stay. He did not even hesitate to let us stay at his place for the last night because we had some work to do at the bank near the airport on the last day before our flight and his residence is near the airport.

Even after we returned to our country (Mauritius) to do all the necessary procedures for the work permit, he was in constant contact with us and the hospitals involved so that we obtained all the necessary papers needed for the work permit application. He even kept in touch with the school so that we could start our lessons by internet in order not to lose time. Mr. Pieter might argue that that was all part of his job but for me personally, he was really God sent as far as getting a job in Germany was concerned.

I need to seize this opportunity to convey my heartfelt THANKS to you Mr. Pieter. I recommend ONLY Europework to all those doctors who want to find a job in Germany because Mr. Pieter does a perfect job, and when I say perfect, I mean PERFECT.
Chapeau à vous Monsieur Pieter!

Dr. J.P. Jharee
from Mauritius, now in Niedersachsen

Finding a position as Junior Doctor in Germany.

Being a non-EU citizen ( Mauritius ) and seeking to start specialisation in Germany is quite a tough job. After my graduation in October 2011 as a doctor at the University of Oradea in Romania, I knocked on the doors of many agencies to help me find a hospital in Germany where I could start my specialisation.

The only response I got was “it is very difficult since you are a non-EU citizen and if you really want to try, then , you have to travel to Germany and start an intensive language course which will be costing around 10,000 Euros. After that we can try something for you but we do not promise anything.”

Then luckily I got in contact with Europework, the director being Mr Pieter Verweij. He scheduled an Interview with me on Skype. He asked me to fill up the “Lebenslauf “, which I did.

After no longer than a week I was surprised to receive a call from Mr Pieter saying that I was invited for an interview. I was overwhelmed. I went to Germany the very next week. Mr Pieter was at the airport to welcome me and two other colleagues. We travelled all the way to the area of Oldenburg. He had already arranged for our stay over there. He was assessing my German language level by talking to me and showing me how I could improve it more and more. My two colleagues had a successful interview in the area of Oldenburg. The day after, we travelled to the area of Lubeck where my interview was scheduled. He did arrange for our stay over there as well.

Wednesday 30th November 2011 was the big day – the first interview of my life as a doctor. I still remember Mr Pieter meeting me in the lounge of the hotel and boosting my confidence before the interview. Since I am a Muslim girl, I was a bit afraid that my scarf (Hijaab) would pose a problem. The response from Mr Pieter was “Just be yourself and everything will be just fine.” That was of great motivation to me. I did the interview. The Head of Human Recourses would give his answer only in the afternoon. That lapse of time when I had to wait for the response was really hard but I was amazed when Mr Pieter told me” don’t worry, it will be a positive response and if God forbid it doesn’t work out then we shall schedule another interview in another hospital for you till you are in Germany”.

When the Director of Human Recourses called, the way Mr Pieter talked to him, the way he did put things in front of him was mind blowing and finally the response was indeed a YES. I can say that Mr Pieter is really good in what he does. He successfully negotiated so that the hospital was willing to finance my intensive language course. The very next day we visited the German language school, where I could start the course. Mr Pieter made everything so easy for me such that sometimes it feels like what is happening is unbelievable. He took charge of everything regarding the visa, the work permit and the work contract from the hospital. If you are seriously interested in having your specialisation in Germany, I would strongly recommend Europework / Mr Pieter. G. Verweij.
He is the kind of person who will guide and help you all the way till you are accepted by a hospital. I still remember Mr Pieter’s most common line while talking to me “If there is any problem, just give me a call.”

I would like to say a big thank you to you, Mr Pieter for the wonderful job you are doing and for being a wonderful person all the way.

Best Regards,

Dr. Rooman Saib
from Mauritius now in Bavaria

Before I graduated from the University in Debrecen, I was really anxious about my future. I didn’t know where and how can I plan for my future. So when I saw owned by (Mr. Pieter) on the Internet, I decided to give myself a chance. Then I contacted Europework /Mr. Pieter immediately.

Pieter gave me some valuable suggestions, like starting German course using( Rosetta stone)while I was doing my 6th year practice, where to study German in Germany, how to write the my CV and motivation letter and the most important he helped me in preparation for the job interview.

Now, I got an offer from the hospital in Germany where I had very nice colleagues, and well-planned training integrates program and post-graduated training. The Mr. Pieter/Europework helped me with the health insurance, accommodation, communicating with the Immigration office and health ministry in Germany. I am happy that I can work in a welcoming and academic environment.

Pieter played an important role while I applied my visa, working permit, and my license to practise medicine in Germany the so called “Approbation”. After I arrived in Germany, he guided me how to start the new life. He also taught me how should I communicate with my colleagues, and how to aim for my own right. He is a really trustable person. I had a good experience with him.

Wish all the young doctors a guide like Europework (Mr.Pieter) and would be as lucky as I do to find a good place to start their career life. The hospital where I started was of course founded by Europework!

Dr. Cathy Chang
from Taiwan now in Nordrhein-Westfalen

Ho contattato Europework per la ricerca di una posizione stabile di lavoro all’estero. Ho ricevuto grande supporto sia nelle fasi iniziali di colloquio, che nel contatto con l’ospedale, la ricerca di un alloggio, i chiarimenti per le differenze di vita all’estero, la documentazione necessaria, l’accompagnamento negli uffici di competenza per completare le pratiche di trasferimento nel paese straniero.

Raccomando Europework a tutti coloro che seriamente cercano un riconoscimento lavorativo professionale attraverso una posizione lavorativa adatta al proprio CV con contratto di lavoro stabile, e sono disposti a lavorare all’estero imparando eventualmente (se non conosciuta) la lingua straniera del paese scelto. Auguro a ciascuno il meglio si possa desiderare!

Dr. Barbara Colacchia da Roma
from Italy now in NRW

Dear Colleagues,

I would like to write you about my personal experience with the intermediation and work of the Europework Agency in finding a position as medical resident in Germany.

The agency, under direction of Mr. Verweij, has provided a thourough und constant step-by-step assistance and support trough the many and somtimes complicated passages that lead to find a position and starting to work as a medical resident in Germany.

The agency explains clearly, before accepting a candidate, the therms and conditions that are to be kept, in order to proceed.

The agency also offers many infos and support about other aspects of the country where the candidate wants to submit his application, so that an easier start is possible. 

I am personally really satisfied with the professional service offered from the agency, and I would strongly recommend it to other colleagues willing to work in Germany.

Kind regards,

Dr. Vito A.
from Bari, Italy now in NRW

Dear colleagues,

Thanks to Mr. Verweij I have found new position in Germany.

My way to Germany was very interesting. First we (I and Mr.Verweij) have spoken several times on Skype; afterwards we have decided that I should learn German as fast as possible and pass the B2 Goethe certificate exam. But it was very hard for me at the same time working at the hospital as an anesthesiologist and learning German.

After some months, Mr. Verweij has arranged for me an interview with a hospital in Germany (Sachsen Anhalt). I have taken one month vacation and prepared for interview. Fortunately the interview on Skype with head of the department and head of HR department was successful and I got the position. Together with some advice from Mr Verweij I applied successfully for the entering Visa and I moved to Germany. Arrived in Germany I took a three-month German language course, which was financed by the German hospital, then I passed the exam and got certificate B2. My documents to practice medicine and my work permit are almost ready, and now I am waiting for Visa. After getting the Visa I can travel to Germany and work in the German hospital. I am very grateful to him.
I am sure that Mr. Verweij can find a personally suitable offer for each candidate.

Dr.Vache Kocharyan
from Armenia now in Sachsen-Anhalt