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Frequently Asked Questions.

Answers to some of the questions you might have.

I am a foreign physician and have a German language diploma on C1 level. Do I have to pass other language tests in order to get my license to practise medicine in Germany?

Yes. Every foreign physician is obligated to do the so called “Patient-Communication-Test” or in the German language they call it “Patienten-Kommunikations-Test”. This test is an oral exam and you have to practice the anamnesis with other German doctors.

I am a foreign physician is it possible for me to find a job in order to finance my language courses?

Taking part in an intensive language course, in which you have to be present at the language school in 5 lessons a day (that also means that you have to additionally (!) study 5 hours a day), is already a fulltime job. So it is impossible to take a part-time job to finance the language course because you don’t have time for that.

Can you find a position in a hospital so I can learn the German language during my stay in the hospital?

No, this not possible because the patients and your colleagues won’t be able to understand you and you won’t understand them, because they speak only German in Germany. Without a C1 level diploma you are not allowed to work in a hospital in Germany!

I would like to learn German up to the B2-Level in my home country and then come to Germany, what do you think of that?

In general, it is possible to lean German up to the B2-level at home and then come to Germany, but we have experienced that some people came to Germany with a very strong accent because they had lessons from non-native German speakers. Also in general we can say that learning German in your home country is mostly the cheapest solution for you. It is better to do the C1 courses in Germany because you not only learn to speak without an accent but you also get to know more of the German culture.

I’m a non-EU physician and already a specialist, can you find for me a position in Switzerland?

No, Switzerland does not take physicians from outside the EU zone, the immigration authorities do not allow this. They will not recognize your medical diploma. Only when you are married with a EU citizen it is possible to find a position in Switzerland.

As a non-EU physician I would like to know if, if I have received the Blue Card, it is possible that my wife/husband gets permission to join me in Germany?

Yes, this is certainly possible. the probation period lasts 6 months in Germany. if you pass that, then you get the permission to enter Germany but they have to have the B1 language diploma.

I am a non-EU citizen but I have a European medical university degree according to the EU 2005/36/EG guidelines, is my diploma recognized in Germany?

Yes, this medical university degree EU 2005/36/EG is recognized in Germany.